Neys Provincial Park
Marathon, Ontario
  • Pic Island, Lake Superior
  • Pic Island Overlook Trail, Neys Provincial Park
  • Group of Seven Panel, Visitor Centre, Neys Provincial Park

Head to the Visitor Centre to chat with staff about the Group of Seven and to access the awe-inspiring vistas that drew Lawren Harris and the Group of Seven back to this area for many years. Take a mid-way hike break with expansive panoramic views at the gazebo which is in the middle of the 9 km round trip hike on the Pic Island Overlook Trail. Find a Moments of Algoma interpretive installation which highlights even more details about the Group of Seven and their treks along this same landscape. Upon your return, show your selfie to Visitor Centre staff and you’ll receive a small souvenir. 

Neys Provincial Park Road
Marathon, Ontario