Experience the North Shore: Jackfish

Algoma Staff
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Experience the North Shore: Jackfish
Experience the North Shore: Jackfish

Lawren Harris first explored the North Shore of Lake Superior for new inspiration in the fall of 1921, where his fellow artists joined him for many trips over the next few years. Port Coldwell, Port Munro, Jackfish and the Slate Islands captured their attention.

"We found that, at times, there were skies over the great Lake Superior which, in their singing expansiveness and sublimity, existed nowhere else in Canada." -Lawren Harris

Once a bustling fishing and railway community, Jackfish was an important stopover on the Canadian Pacific Railway. Today, Jackfish is a ghost town.

Remnants of its past life can still be found amongst old weather stone chimneys and foundations of this once flourishing town: a schoolhouse, two churches, a general store, a hotel with a beer parlour, rail station and houses. Today, nature has reclaimed much of the landscape.

We recommend you read Jackfish: Piecing Together the Past by outdoor writer James Smedley who shares his Lake Superior sea kayaking trip where he visited places along the coastline painted by Canada's Group of Seven.

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