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Group of Seven Interpretive Moments

The Group of Seven's story resonates with people around the world and has showcased Canadian landscape painting in a whole new light. The Group's love of the land is evident with their travels, experiences and expressions of Northern Ontario as displayed in their paintings. These landscapes and moments don't just live in history- they're yours to experience as you travel throughout Algoma and the North Shore of Lake Superior.

Hike, drive or travel by train to experience 16 sites up close and personal where a unique Group of Seven art installation is waiting for you. Throughout the region you'll find 16 sites which are either an actual Group of Seven painting site, a complimentary location which highlights the type of experiences The Group of Seven had throughout Northern Ontario, or a location that visitors can connect with the Group's cultural history. Here you'll have a chance to have your own creative moment.

Take your opportunity to experience what the Group of Seven saw, what they painted, the feelings they captured and the moments they had in the heart of the Canadian wilderness.

Interpretive Installation Locations

  • Terrace Bay
  • Neys Provincial Park
    Pic Island Overlook Trail
  • Neys Provincial Park - Visitors Centre
  • Pukaskwa National Park
  • Marathon
  • Wawa (Sandy Beach)
  • Lake Superior Provincial Park (Katherine Cove)
  • Lake Superior Provincial Park (Visitor Centre, Agawa Bay)
  • Pancake Bay Provincial Park
  • Chippewa Falls
  • CN Railway Station (Sault Ste. Marie)
  • Art Gallery of Algoma
  • Aubrey Falls Provincial Park
  • Agawa Canyon - Bridal Veil Falls
  • Agawa Canyon - Canyon Station
  • McMichael Canadian Art Collection
Group of Seven Panel

Group of Seven Paintings

Listed are some of the paintings that are highlighted by the new installations at select Group of Seven sites.

Ay Jackson 1960

A.Y. Jackson, Entrance to Puckasaw Bay, 1930 Collection of the Art Gallery of Algoma Acquired with funds from the Ontario Ministry of Culture and Communication © Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa

Frank Johnson 1920

Franz Johnston Fire-swept, Algoma, 1920 Oil on canvas, 127.5 x 167.5 cm National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa Photo © NGC

AY Jackson 1920

A.Y, Jackson (Montreal, Quebec 1882 – Kleinburg, Ontario 1974) October Morning, Algoma, 1920 Oil on canvas 132.1 x 154 cm Hart House Permanent Collection, University of Toronto; Purchased by the Hart House Art Committee, 1931/1932. © Carleton University Art Gallery, Ottawa


Capture Yours.

The Group of Seven have left behind a legacy of moments recorded through their paintbrushes and sketchbooks. Algoma inspired them, challenged them, wowed them, sheltered them and demonstrated the impact a landscape can have on one’s soul. It is these moments spent capturing the Algoma landscapes that are still captivating visitors today.

About this Project

Canada’s Group of Seven artists and their iconic works enjoy a strong national and international reputation. The Group’s close association with Algoma and the North Shore of Lake Superior represents an asset that since early 2013, Tourism Northern Ontario (TNO) has invested in and supported. Since that time, visitors can experience Group of Seven educational workshops, painting retreats, gallery exhibitions, guided tours, train events, educational interpretation and lectures including those offered at Ontario Parks and Parks Canada.

16 interpretive installations were created in 2015. These installations highlight the Group of Seven story throughout the regions of Algoma and the North Shore of Lake Superior. Each of the identified sites and cultural locations is an actual Group of Seven painting site, or a complimentary location that highlights the type of experiences The Group of Seven would have had throughout Northern Ontario, or ways visitors can connect with cultural history of The Group of Seven. Threaded together, these sites form the basis of an experiential touring route. The goal of this interpretive signage project is to provide an opportunity for visitors to experience the Group of Seven - seeing what the artists saw and captured and stimulate larger tourism initiatives throughout the region.

Much planning and research has gone into the images and text selection for each installation. Specifically, strategically utilizing Group of Seven images that will compliment each geographic location and specific story in each location. The panel content and design has been created with historical experts, interpretative planners, art collectors, professional galleries, national and provincial collections and designers.

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If you require any further information about site access or information about the sites selected for the Group of Seven Interpretive Signage please email or call.


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